Download Service Tool V5103 Canon Resetter


Download the latest Canon Resetter service Tools v5103, an essential program that you can use to reset a printer of a problematic Canon PIXMA type. This v5103 service tool is the latest update from the Service tool v4905, v47200 Service tool, v3400 previously. This Software serves to make the initial settings, if the printer has reached the print limit, then all you have to do is reset it with this v5103 service tool.

Download Service Tool V5103 Canon Resetter

Download Canon Resetter Service Tool V5103

Description :
App Name : Canon Service tool v5103
File Size : 5 MB
Supported operating systems : Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 bit/64 bit)
Download : Canon Service tool v5103
Password :

If used normally with a good pause, at least every 10 printed pieces are rested. But usually the printer will give an error message, for example “5200 Waste ink Tank Absorber Full “. If a message appears like that then the solution you have to do is to make the printer return to its default setting to zero. To do this you can use the Software Service tool v5103.

Before resetting your Canon printer you must perform the following steps.

1. Turn off the printer and let all cables remain attached;
2. Press and hold Resume button for approximately 2 seconds then press the Power button at the same time until the LED light turns green (Resume and Power buttons are pressed together);
3. Now release the Resume button while the Power button is still pressed;
4. When the Power button remains pressed, use another finger to press the Resume button 5 times, then the LED will light green orange alternately and the last time will be orange;
5. After the LED illuminates Orange, release both buttons together, then the printer’s LED will blink a while to light green;
6. On your computer, your printer will be detected as a new device, just ignore it;
7. Until this stage, you have successfully entered the Canon service printer mode
8. Next open the v5103. EXE Program Service tool, then click Click Main» EEPROM Clear» EEPROM;
9. Done